How to save data in a GUI button callback?

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I have a function that I run for plotting certain data called englishplot whose output is a structure containing relevant data. I assign this structure to within the button callback. Now when I want to add something to, it is always overwritten with the new data, instead of having the new structure added to the old one.
In my button callback I have
Where handles.graphs is a user selected graph or graphs to graph, handles.test is the test number, handles.DLG is the raw data to pull from and handles.j is an index to keep track of any new plots that are added. This works for the first structure, and the output from = Plot1 (a 1x1 structure). Now what I want is that if the button is pressed again, handles.j = 2, and then would include Plot1 AND Plot2.
Any ideas?

Accepted Answer

Jan on 7 Jun 2017
Edited: Jan on 8 Jun 2017
Initialize handles.j = 0 in the OpeningFcn. Then:
handles.j = handles.j + 1; = englishplot(handles.graphs,handles.test,handles.j,handles.DLG)

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