How can I refresh the icons used by a deployed application?

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I am actually working on an application that we plan to deploy to our colleagues using the Matlab Compiler. For my test run, I tried changing the icons before packaging and then installed the application. All went well.
I then changed my mind and went back to Matlab's default set of icons and re-packaged my application. Now, whenever I install the application and add a Desktop Shortcut (Windows 10), it uses the 'old' icon I used the first time around. There is no way to revert back to Matlab's default set of icons, no matter what I try.
Any ideas on how to refresh the icons used by a deployed application? Thanks!
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Zachary Klamer
Zachary Klamer on 13 Sep 2017
What do you mean by "changed the icons before packaging"?
If you are using the Matlab compiler gui there is a subtle button next to the "Application Name" Field which looks like the default icon, clicking that allows you to select a different icon for your code which becomes the shortcut/application icon.
That's worked for me in the past.

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Seth Kenner
Seth Kenner on 2 Jan 2020
I had this issue also. I believe it is a windows icon cache issue. I followed the instruction from the link below and it worked for me.

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