reading a dicom file

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Azza Ahmed
Azza Ahmed on 17 Apr 2012
Dear Matlab communite
I am trying to read a dicom file (an MRI image) using matlab and then perform a Fourier transform of the image. I have written this code {please find below}:
clear all
info = dicominfo('MR01.dcm');
Y = dicomread(info);
J=imadjust(Y,stretchlim(Y),[0 1]);
F = fftshift(fft2(fftshift(J)));
When I run the code from the m file I get this message: ??? Undefined function or variable 'dicom'. However, when I copy and paste the code in the command window the code runs well without any error. I really do not know what is the cause of the error. May someone please help me in solving this query.
Best wishes AA

Answers (1)

Anathea Pepperl
Anathea Pepperl on 17 Apr 2012
What is the name of your m file? It may be that the m file is not in the MATLAB path.
Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 30 Apr 2012
Please accept Anathea's answer to mark this thread closed.

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