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HC-SR04 library listArduinoLibraries is not showing it.

Asked by ahmed arsalan on 18 Oct 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Madhu Govindarajan on 11 Feb 2019
HI i have copied HC-SR04 library to default folder i.e arduino\libraries\ yet listArduinoLibraries is not showing it. please advise actions


Verify that you added arduino\libraries\ to the MATLAB path.

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3 Answers

Answer by Madhu Govindarajan on 26 Oct 2017
Edited by Walter Roberson
on 9 Feb 2019

Please follow all the instructions provided in that order -
Important: Before using this add-on library in MATLAB, you need to install the Ultrasonic Arduino library. Here are the instructions: 1. Download the zip file from 2. Unpackage the zip into local directory and rename the folder to ‘Ultrasonic’. 3. Move the ‘Ultrasonic’ folder into the "libraries" folder inside your Arduino sketchbook folder: On Windows, the default path is "Documents\Arduino\libraries\" On Mac, the default path is "~/Documents/Arduino/libraries/" On Linux, the default path is "/home/<username>/Arduino/libraries"


yes... tried the same as explained at the site.. not working at all
Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same problem...
no not at all!!! I just shifted to labview

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Answer by vladimir so on 24 Feb 2018

They could explain where exactly this file should be copied.
I have copied everywhere but when writing: listArduinoLibraries in matlab I only get it: 'Adafruit / MotorShieldV2'      'I2C'      'SPI'      'Servo'

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Have you tried the commands provided in this answer ? If not, please try it with your library name - I would guess some version that involves 'JRodrigoTech/HCSR04' should fix the issue.

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Answer by Thulasiram Reddy on 9 Feb 2019

iam using matlab 2016a version and i installed arduino matlab support packages
i want to interface ultrasonicsensor with matlab but the addon is not showing in matlab after that i seted path i given command "listArduinoLibraries" it showing
afer that i again given command a = arduino('COM6', 'Uno', 'Libraries', 'JRodrigoTech/HCSR04')
Updating server code on board Uno (COM6). Please wait.
Cannot program board Uno (COM6). Please make sure the board is supported and the port and board type are correct.
?????????????whycoming like this...

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Have you tried putting the board into bootloader mode by double pressing the Reset button?

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