Problems in for loop with risetime: Signal processing toolbox

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I'm trying to calculate the rise time of 10000 pulses given as a matrix of size 80x10000.
I have tried to use the function "risetime" from signal processing toolbox. For calculation I use this code:
for k=1:size(PS1,2)
PS2(:,k) = risetime(PS1(:,k),80);
As a result I get the error message: In an assignment A(:) = B, the number of elements in A and B must be the same.
The resulting matrix PS2 is of size 1x1011 but it should have 1x10000.
What is the problem?
toka55 on 24 Oct 2017
Edited: toka55 on 24 Oct 2017
I get the error message and a resulting matrix but the matrix is not complete. Meantime, I realised that I get sometimes two values out of one pulse and then the matrix dimensions dosen't fit anymore. Any suggestions ?

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