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How do you make 2 markers share the same label in MatLab Legend?

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I am trying to make two markers share the same legend title. In this case I have open and closed symbols each representing different conditions but at the same temperature (see photo). From what I gather, there is no property that allows this and so a custom legend must be made. Has anyone encountered this before or come up with a custom legend function?

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David Ding
David Ding on 1 Nov 2017
Hi HaAgain,
I see that you have two symbols for each set of temperature data that you would like to have a common legend label. Assuming in your graph you have 10 plots (5 temperature points x 2 symbols per point), when you invoke the "legend" function on your plot, you would receive 10 different labels. In this case, the only possibility is to create 10 labels, specified, perhaps, as the following:
773K, open
823K, open
773K, closed
823K, closed
This legend might make the plots more descriptive and to-the-point.
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HaAgain on 2 Nov 2017
Hi David,
Yes, but it ends up that the legend takes up too much room on the plot. This format was specified by the publisher.
Thank you, HaAgain

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Nathan Miller
Nathan Miller on 19 Oct 2021

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