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Operator matrix for matrix differentiation

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Thomas on 25 Apr 2012
Answered: Lam Nguyen Van on 24 Feb 2021
Is there a way to define an operator matrix, such that:
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Jan on 26 Apr 2012
Please define the inputs and outputs explicitly. Do you want numerical or symbolical operations?

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Accepted Answer

Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 26 Apr 2012
function dNdv = diffmtx(v,N)
% v -vector m x 1 - sym array
% N - matrix m x n - sym array
rz = arrayfun(@(ii)diff(N(ii,:),v(ii)),(1:numel(v)).','un',0);
dNdv = cat(1,rz{:});
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Jan on 26 Apr 2012
What about: dNdv = [diff(N(1, :), v(1)), diff(N(2, :), v(1)); diff(N(3, :), v(2)), diff(N(4, :), v(2))] ?

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