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How to get induction machine parameters.

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By using code
options.DisplayDetails = 1;
options.units = 'p.u.';
[params,spec2,errors] = power_AsynchronousMachineParams(spec,options)
When i put torque value spec.Ns = 1500; spec.Nn = 3000 It give error
Error in power_AsynchronousMachineParams (line 32) [varargout{1:nargout}] = power_AsynchronousMachineParams_pr(varargin{:});
How to solve this error

Answers (1)

Ben Drebing
Ben Drebing on 19 Dec 2017
To confirm, is the error you are getting?
Error using power_AsynchronousMachineParams_pr
Function 'power_AsynchronousMachineParams_pr' couldn't find a solution.
This is because the inputs you gave to the power_AsynchronousMachineParams function make the optimization problem it has to solve infeasible. Go back through your parameters and make sure that they make sense for the problem you are solving. For instance, you mentioned torque, did you mean to change the spec.Tn parameter?

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