How can I include "lstmLayer" in MATLAB 2017a?

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The version of MATLAB that I am using is R2017a, as I have to use the command "lstmLayer" while my MATLAB version show the command does not exist, any methods that MATLAB can install the command? FYI, my MATLAB version was installed neural network toolbox. Thank you

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 Jan 2018
The MATLAB method for installing the code is to upgrade to R2017b, the version that introduced the function.

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NGR MNFD on 2 Jul 2021
Hello . I hope you have a good day. I sent the article to your service. I implemented the coding part in the MATLAB software, but to implement my network, two lines of setlayers, training MATLAB 2014 give me an error. What other function do you think I should replace? Do you think the codes I wrote are correct?( I used gait-in-neurodegenerative-disease-database in physionet website.) Thanks a lot


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