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Textscan blanks disappears from file

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Valentino on 1 Mar 2018
Answered: Valentino on 1 Mar 2018
Hi guys,
when i read my text file which looks like this:
0.0000 0.3826004
0.0100 0.395591
0.0199 0.4085815
the blanks in the front get lost so my output looks like this:
0.0100 0.395591
my code is simple:
formatSpec = '%s';
input = textscan(fileID,formatSpec,'delimiter','\n');
i want to handle it as strings because the shape of the file is arbitrary thanks

Accepted Answer

Valentino on 1 Mar 2018
Had to add
input = textscan(fileID,formatSpec,'delimiter','\n','whitespace','');

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