remove cell array content with condition: length of element in cell smaller than specific value

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Let's say:
A : 3x1 cell class
A={cell_1 ; cell_2 ; cell_3 }
A={[1x2 double];[1x5 double];[1x3 double]}
cell_1 [999,222]
cell_2 [444,123,2000,789,1000]
cell_3 [5000,9000,4000]
If I wanna count how many element in each cell:
out1= cellfun('length',A);
Now, I wanna delete the row of cell A, If the number element in that row <3. How can I do that? The result is:
result : 2x1 cell class
result={cell_2 ; cell_3 }
result={[1x5 double];[1x3 double]}
cell_2 [444,123,2000,789,1000]
cell_3 [5000,9000,4000]

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 4 Mar 2018
Edited: Stephen23 on 4 Mar 2018
A(cellfun('length',A)<3) = []
or if you want to leave the original variable unchanged:
B = A(cellfun('length',A)>=3);

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