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Word automation : how to bring the document to the front ?

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p fontaine
p fontaine on 17 May 2012
Edited: Walter Roberson on 29 Sep 2016
With the following lines I can open a Word document in automation mode:
hComServer = actxserver('Word.Application');
hComServer.Visible = 1;
but I can't figure out how to bring the window to the front ....

Accepted Answer

p fontaine
p fontaine on 18 May 2012
It seems that Windows prevents from such a focus stealing by default so as to defeat annoying adware ...
A solution can be to set the windows registry key
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\ForegroundLockTimeout
to a decimal value of 0
then calling
now activates and brings the window to the front but sometimes several calls seem to be necessary
(NB : reboot required after registry modification)

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Jan on 17 May 2012
Does this work:
hComServer.Visible = 1
[EDITED]: Perhaps:
oDoc = hComServer.Documents.Open('c:\foo.doc');
You can use "methods(hComServer)" to inspect the possibilities.
Jan on 18 May 2012
Is there a command to get the hWnd of the Word Window? I do not use the Microsoft Office on my Matlab computer, because I need it for serious work, such that I cannot test this. ;-)

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