How can I insert an image in App Designer in Matlab R2017b?

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I want to put an image (.jpg for example) inside the UIFigure in App Designer. Thanks

Accepted Answer

           % Fill figure with axes "ha" and remove tick labels
             app.ha.Position = [0 0 app.UIFigure.Position(3:4)];
            % Remove title, axis labels, and tick labels
            title(app.ha, []);
            xlabel(app.ha, []);
            ylabel(app.ha, []);
            app.ha.XAxis.TickLabels = {};
            app.ha.YAxis.TickLabels = {};
            % Display image and stretch to fill axes
            I = imshow('Powerlines.jpg', 'Parent', app.ha,'XData', [1 app.ha.Position(3)],'YData', [1 app.ha.Position(4)]);
            % Set limits of axes
            app.ha.XLim = [0 I.XData(2)];
            app.ha.YLim = [0 I.YData(2)];

I hope it helps you

Irma on 29 May 2019
I have the same question? I've tried to put this oin startap callback function, but it doesn't work,
rmean on 27 Dec 2019
Create an Axes (2D). In this example it is named app.ha. Then you can copy this code in the startup function. If you Axes has another name, change the code.

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Melinda Toth-Zubairi
Melinda Toth-Zubairi on 25 Mar 2019
Starting in R2019a you can use the uiimage function to create an image component in App Designer Apps. See the following post for more information.


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