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I want to train a network and save the weights. Then use a new data set and resume training with the weights from the previous data set.

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ronald ogren
ronald ogren on 16 Mar 2018
Commented: ronald ogren on 25 Apr 2018
It seems train always randomizes the weights when called. I can't seem to maintain the weights from the first training set.


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Sonam Gupta
Sonam Gupta on 28 Mar 2018
You can continue the training from weights obtained by previous data set by extracting the layers from the network's "Layers" property, and then passing it to "trainNetwork", as follows:
if true
% Train a network
net = trainNetwork(XTrain, YTrain, layers, options);
% Extract layers from the trained network
newLayers = net.Layers;
% Retrain the network, but start from where we left off
newNet = trainNetwork(XTrain, YTrain, newLayers, options);
'trainNetwork' will always use the weights that are stored in the layers which you pass in for training.

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