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Matlab code for LMS filter to remove noise from audio signal

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Rizwan Bagwan
Rizwan Bagwan on 18 Mar 2018
Commented: Rizwan Bagwan on 19 Mar 2018
After removing some part of vocals from stereo audio how to filter it to get more precise karaoke output with the help of lms filter plz suggest as I'm fresher
if true % this code i hv applied after splitting audio in 2 chls & inverted and finally added to get karaoke but its noise output alongwith vocals so to remove noise and vocals i hv used this codes but its not working.
mtlb_noisy = y;
noise = n;
% Define Adaptive Filter Parameters
filterLength = 32;
weights = zeros(1,filterLength);
step_size = 0.004;
% Initialize Filter's Operational inputs
output = zeros(1,length(mtlb_noisy));
err = zeros(1,length(mtlb_noisy));
input = zeros(1,filterLength);
% For Loop to run through the data and filter out noise
for n = 1: length(mtlb_noisy),
%Get input vector to filter
for k= 1:filterLength
if ((n-k)>0)
input(k) = noise(n-k+1);
output(n) = weights * input'; %Output of Adaptive Filter
err(n) = mtlb_noisy(n) - output(n); %Error Computation
weights = weights + step_size * err(n) * input; %Weights Updating
yClean = err;
But its not working
plz suggest me I hv to implement karaoke output.


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Abhishek Ballaney
Abhishek Ballaney on 19 Mar 2018

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Rizwan Bagwan
Rizwan Bagwan on 19 Mar 2018
Thanks a lot for suggesting I have searched this but finally how to implement that codes or algorithms i dont have dsp toolbox so how to do it I'm not knowing plz suggest in some simple ways or simply which code i can use plz suggest

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