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install addons for all users (or group of Users) : Linux, R2017b

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Philippe Marion
Philippe Marion on 21 Mar 2018
Is there a solution to install "Addons" for all users ? (Neural Network Import for Caffe ... Berkeley)
I tried (as root) to:
  • create a $matlabroot/toolbox/local/addons (not sure if it's a good path??)
  • launch matlab GUI as root ( ... which is unusual...)
  • change addonspath in menu "preferences" to $matlabroot/toolbox/local/addons + "apply"
  • quit matlab
  • execute: ./ -matlabroot $mymatlabroot
Installation is OK but only for the user root, because:
  1. the installation is in /root/Documents/MATLAB : addonspath (in GUI) seems to be unread
  2. the installation asked for mathworks account id/passwd (even if I already filled in login/passwd for downloading the addons)
So the solution would be:
  • each user install the products on his account,
  • each user needs our campus mathworks id/passwd,
  • each user needs to open a GUI session on the front-end of our cluster.
All 3 points are inappropriate
Please help,
thanks in advance,

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