ArrayPlot in Simulink. I am not able to plot a simple column vector using array plot?

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I am simply trying to plot a column vector having some N number of elements. I first make a vector in a MATLAB script say mydata = rand(N,1). I then run the script and load the variable mydata into the workspace. In simulink, I then use a constant block and use 'mydata' in the constant value: field of the constant block in Simulink. Then I connect the constant block to an array plot availbale in DSP toolbox. Unfortunately I cannot plot the column vector. In the arrayplot window the following message is displayed: "Input processing of columns as channels (frame based) cannot be used. This scope uses continuous sample time or the input sample time is either continuous, infinite, or undefined." Can somebody help me as to how can I plot a column vector using arrayplot in Simulink? Thanks.
Roshan Sharma
Roshan Sharma on 23 Mar 2018
I am trying to plot a given vector vs another vector of the same length. I am not trying to plot a signal verses time. Thus I guess I cannot use the scope (normal scope) in simulink. The normal scope is simulink plots a data signal against time. I am not aware of other plotting blocks in simulink that can plot array or vectors. If there are other better ways to do so, it would be really nice to know. Thanks.

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Roshan Sharma
Roshan Sharma on 23 Mar 2018
This is all I am trying to do. But I can't seem to use arrayplot to plot a vector of data.

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