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Plot time domain frequency graph

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Roman Khatylenko
Roman Khatylenko on 27 Mar 2018
Hello there! I have data from oscillator. It consists of 18000000 dots and looks like the graph from picture I've attached here. I need to plot time domain frequency graph, but because of oscillations I can't use 'findpeaks' or finding zeroes to calculate a period. How can I find a frequency and plot it in time domain?


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Abhishek Ballaney
Abhishek Ballaney on 28 Mar 2018

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Roman Khatylenko
Roman Khatylenko on 1 Apr 2018
Thank you, but as I know Fourier transform will give me magnitude of the signal on Y axis and frequency on X axis. Maybe I made a mistake in my question. Because I need frequency in Hz on Y axis and time on X axis. Sorry my English, if it confused You.

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