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How do i add a pushbutton to an already created uitable in GUI matlab?

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I want to add a new pushbutton in an already created uitable by hardcoding it. For now i have created a UI table like this by adding a pushbutton to create it:
function table_Button_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
'Position',[0.008 0.5 5 0.5],'ColumnWidth','auto', ...
'Data', tabledata,'ColumnName', columnname, ...
'ColumnFormat', columnformat,'ColumnEditable', columneditable, ...
'RowName',[] ,'BackgroundColor',[.7 .9 .8],'ForegroundColor',[0 0 0]);
Now i want to add another button inside this table to create more number of rows.How do i create that button inside the table. Thank you in advance.I am new to matlab GUide.Kindly help with this.


Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 18 Apr 2018
sachin - please clarify what you mean by i want to add another button inside this table. Do you just want another button on your GUI that, when pushed, will add more rows to this table?
sachin narain
sachin narain on 18 Apr 2018
Yes u understood right
I want to do two things: 1.First to create a pushbutton inside the UItable figure i have already created 2.This pushbutton will add extra rows to the data

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Accepted Answer

Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 19 Apr 2018

sachin - once you add your new button (to your GUI) you can use the following callback to add one new row to the table

 function addRowsButton_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
 tableData = get(handles.Load_data, 'Data');
 % add one new row
 if iscell(tableData)
 set(handles.Load_data, 'Data', tableData);

Try the above and see what happens!

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