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how to write the code for, RoI eye is obtained by cropping eye area based on the central point of the eye.

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Vineesha Earle
Vineesha Earle on 29 Apr 2018
Closed: Vineesha Earle on 3 May 2018
I am doing a project on fake smile detection. In which fake smile is determined by contractions of Zygomatic major and orbicularis oculli muscles.


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Prajit T R
Prajit T R on 2 May 2018
Hi Vineesha
As you wish to crop the central region of the eye in the image, these MATLAB answers link might help:
To detect fake smiles, you would need a large dataset of fake and real smiles and then train it on a convolutional neural network (CNN). This link should be able to help you get started:
Hope this helps.