BeagleBoard I/O Pins code generation

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Is there any way, using BeageBoard as hardware Target, one can create a simulink model that uses I/O pins on the BeagleBoard? I know there is an Embedded Coder BeagleBoard example but it doe not use any I/O pins (Analog and Digital.)

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Michael Lundgren
Michael Lundgren on 5 Oct 2012
I just posted an example to File Exchnge (search for BeagleBoard GPIO) that illustrates how to access GPIO pins on the BeagleBoard. I took the liberty of using the code above for GPIO output. However, reading the GPIO pin was more involved. I used "popen" call instead of "system" as "system" call does not return any output aside from a success code.
By the way, using the example posted by Murat here, one can do a lot of things. Making Linux calls from a Simulink model opens a lot of doors. By using the same logic, one can control built-in LEDs on the board or read the USER push button status.
Note however that the method outlined here is not very fast. I was able to implement a blinking LED using a 50 ms sample time. Just don't expect very fast response. Also be careful with the GPIO pins as they are 1.8V. Most sensors out there use +5V logic lvels. Use a voltage divider circuit to interface these sensor to a GPIO pin configured as input. You can also use a logic level shifter. Sparkfun sells one for $3.

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Murat Belge
Murat Belge on 6 Jun 2012
The MATLAB R2012a release has a downloadable support package for BeagleBoard (installed by executing "targetinstaller" on the MATLAB command line). There are Simulink blocks for Video Capture, Video Display, Audio Capture/Display and UDP Send/Receive. There are no GPIO blocks as of yet. It is possible to use GPIO pins for digital Input/Output using the Embedded MATLAB function block. Let me know what exactly you are trying to do.
Franziska on 3 Dec 2013
Hi, My name is Fatemeh, Thank you for your code.I wanted to ask a question, Do you know how to access to the c code of GPIO block of matlab? my emmail address:

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