how can I measure the distance between camera and object usingle single camera

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i have a single camera and i detect the object. now i'm trying to detect the distance between object and my camera.

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Florian Morsch
Florian Morsch on 6 Jun 2018
Edited: Florian Morsch on 6 Jun 2018
Without a properly calibrated camera and a reference object of some sort this is not possible. You can estimate the distance with some tricks, but with a single camera its not easy.
Right now im writing my final year project about exacly that topic, took me 2 months and a special designed marker to achieve the measurement of distance and angle from the camera to the object. If i dont have the marker the results are wrong. If i want to measure a distance behind or in front of the marker: wrong.
If you take a image with a single camera you only have a 2D picture, if you have a reference you can restore 3D information to the reference, but everything else without reference cant be restored properly. For that you would need another picture from a second camera (stereo vision).
EDIT: I should note that i have a moving camera and the object (marker) is stationary, so i cant just calibrate the camera once for a set distance and then use that as reference, since my distance changes.

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Varun Garg
Varun Garg on 6 Jun 2018
I think a similar kind of question has been asked and also accepted. Please have a look at this .
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Kamran Asif
Kamran Asif on 6 Jun 2018
thanks for the reply sir, but my problem is to measure the distance between my camera and object. in the Link you shared, demo is about to measure the distance of any 2 points in the image

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Fakhar Alam
Fakhar Alam on 3 Jan 2019
I have same sort of Question How to measure distance from camera to object using single camera Afterb Recognition Of object.
In the links below thesis explain some solution .
Its implementation are difficult.

waqar ali
waqar ali on 21 Jun 2020
distance measure yourself camra to object

Suraj S Jain
Suraj S Jain on 27 Nov 2020
Edited: Suraj S Jain on 27 Nov 2020
I have an approach that uses two cameras but there is no callibration or a reference object that is required. Feel free to check it out here. The setup is way simpler. The program can detect the distance to the object, as well as its real-world dimensions.
PS: the code is in Python


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