Plot of rows from different cells of a cell array

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I have a 1x7 cell array. Each cell contains a 48x57 matrix. I want a scatter plot of row 10, column 2 from cell 1-7 like: scatter(SNR{1, 1:7}(10,2),SNR{1, 1:7}(10,3)) This approach doesn't work. Any idea how I can manage this?
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Jan on 27 Jun 2018
"Doesn't work" is a weak description of the problem. Prefer to post the error message instead of hoping, that the readers can guess it.

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Jan on 27 Jun 2018
Working with cell arrays is not useful here. Simply convert the data to a numerical 3D array at first:
SNRd = cat(3, SNR{:});
scatter(SNRd(10, 2, 1:7), SNRd(10, 3, 1:7))
Maybe additional reshape commands are required to create vectors.

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