How to perform Geometric Transformations on live images i.e., on video ?

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I have developed a matlab script which performs some combinations of geometric transformations like imresize, imwarp,etc.
Its input is one RGB image(800x450). Output is also one RGB image(800x450).
How can perform these transformations on a live video stream. The video coming is from lets say IP camera or usb webcam, etc..

Accepted Answer

Florian Morsch
Florian Morsch on 29 Jun 2018
Create a camera object.
Create a video player object.
Take snapshots in a loop and process them, then step through the processed images with the video player.
If you want to use a webcam you can install the MATLAB support package for webcams (
Note: You can do a video stream processing, but most likely not real time (depends on how fast your code is).

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