how to display the deep neural networks?

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glad to see the effort for supporting deep learning toolbox. I wonder how to display the deep neural networks in matlab? Is it layerGraph? if not, what it is?

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Von Duesenberg
Von Duesenberg on 11 Jul 2018
AFAIK, your options are either to use layerGraph, or the analyzeNetwork add-on that lets you visualize the network with more detail.
Jack Xiao
Jack Xiao on 11 Jul 2018
wow, so excellent tool. I think so useful packages including others should be introduced into deep learning example demo. and there should be a detailed documents for deep learning toolbox in matlab just like other deep learning platforms. to correct it, plot(net) is for showing not layerGraph... Thank you!
Musaddiq Al Ali
Musaddiq Al Ali on 7 Jan 2021
It is agreat tool inded. Thank you for yor directions :) .

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