How can I create axis labels with subscripts and greek letters?

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I am trying to replicate the style of this graph (see attached image), the only parts I am missing are the axis labels and filling in the shaded area between the lines. I've looked into LaTex but havent been able to recreate the same style with it.

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Giridharan Kumaravelu
Giridharan Kumaravelu on 25 Jul 2018
Edited: Giridharan Kumaravelu on 25 Jul 2018
The following should work:
y1 = 1:10;
y2 = (1:10)*0.5;
x = 1:10;
plot(y1); hold on;
xlabel('Size (\delta)');
X = [x, fliplr(x)];
inBetween = [y1, fliplr(y2)];
fill(X, inBetween, 'g');
The above code gave me the following output
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 Jul 2018
Alternately, one of:
  • uistack() to move the relative drawing order of the objects; or
  • set the mean line to have a slightly positive Z component so that it is above the shaded area; or
  • set alphadata on the shaded area so that the line is visible through it.

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