How to display an image in UI Figure on app designer?

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How can i display the figure i select from the folder in UI figure of App designer? I am using version 2016a and as per the code below, when i click the "button", the image opens in a different window.
% Button button pushed function
function ButtonButtonPushed2(app)
[file,path]=uigetfile({'*.jpg';'*.bmp';'*.gif';'*.tiff'}, 'Select file');
a= imread(file);

Accepted Answer

OCDER on 13 Sep 2018
Try this:
imshow(a, 'parent', app.UIAxes);
But, you'll run into issues with having all this x, y, title of axes still shown and taking up space. See this post to fix that issue:
Mostafa Amr
Mostafa Amr on 5 May 2022
Edited: Mostafa Amr on 5 May 2022
[FileName, FilePath]= uigetfile({'*.jpg';'*.bnp';'*.gif';'*.tiff'}, 'Select a file'); %Don't override path.m
if isnumeric(FileName); return; end %User did not select a file
a = imread(fullfile(FilePath, FileName)); %Always use full file path, not relative path
imshow(a, 'Parent' , app.UIAxes); %This should work...
this code gives me an error which is
Error using image
Too many input arguments.
Error in images.internal.basicImageDisplay (line 24)
hh = image(cdata, ...
Error in imshow (line 330)
hh = images.internal.basicImageDisplay(fig_handle,ax_handle,...
when I use imshow outside the appdesigner it works but after trying to use it inside the appdesigner it gives me errors inside it and outside it and that happened with diffrenet codes not only with that and I do not know why (I use matlab R2021a)

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Melinda Toth-Zubairi
Melinda Toth-Zubairi on 12 Jun 2019
Starting in R2019a, you can use the uiimage function to create an image component in your App Designer apps. See here for more details:


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