Cannot CD to C Error

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Anthony Voccia
Anthony Voccia on 18 Sep 2018
Commented: OCDER on 20 Sep 2018
I am trying to use the information already created in an Excel document to create a Plot. The location is taken directly from the properties of the Excel file but I keep getting this error. I have been trying for a while to figure this out with no luck. Any ideas what could be wrong?
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Rik on 18 Sep 2018
What does exist return for this string?

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Accepted Answer

OCDER on 18 Sep 2018
Edited: OCDER on 18 Sep 2018
Does that directory exist?
C:\Users\Anthony\Desktop\220 Lab\Intro
To check
exist('C:\Users\Anthony\Desktop\220 Lab\Intro', 'dir')
If it returns 0, that directory does not exist. You cannot change to a directory that does not exist.
Also, usage of cd change directory should be minimized, as that really is just for you to use to navigate folder while coding - not to be used in actual programming runs, unless your program is specifically designed to change user folders.
Based on what you want to do, try this:
%Let's you choose the file
[FileName, FilePath] = uigetfile('Intro.xls*', 'Open Excel file.');
if isnumeric(FileName)
error('No file was selected');
%Or you could just start here, but define
%FilePath = 'C:\Users\Anthony\Desktop\220 Lab\Intro'
%FileName = 'Intro.xlsx'
FullFileName = fullfile(FilePath, FileName); %assemble full file path + name
Data = xlsread(FullFileName, 1, 'A2:A16'); %DO NOT do "load = " to replace load
%load is built-in matlab function!
Def = xlsread(FullFileName, 1, 'B2:B16');
plot(Data, Def) %lowercase plot, not "Plot"
OCDER on 20 Sep 2018
FilePath = 'C:\Users\Anthony\Desktop\220 Lab\Intro'
FileName = 'Intro.xlsx'
FullFileName = fullfile(FilePath, FileName);
Data = xlsread(FullFileName, 1, 'A2:A16');

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