Matlab and Simulink on Beagle Bone

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Syed on 25 Jun 2012
Commented: semih unaldi on 10 Mar 2014
I want to know if Matlab code and Simulink models can be run as standalone applications on the new Beagle Bone . The Matlab website says it supports the beagle board xM , but says nothing about the Bone .

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Murat Belge
Murat Belge on 25 Jun 2012
The BeagleBone is not officially supported. However, I tried the BeagleBoard xM support package with BeagleBone. If you load an Ubuntu distribution to the BeagleBone, the R2012a BeagleBoard support package works for BeagleBone as well. Make sure that following Linux packages are installed on the Ubuntu distribution that you load to your BeagleBone:
openssh-server openssh-client libsdl1.2-dev mplayer espeak build-essential
I tested the V4L2 Video Capture, SDL Video Display, UDP Send, UDP Receive blocks. Did not test ALSA Audio Capture / Playback blocks. External Mode over TCP/IP also works. I created an Ubuntu 11.10 microSD card for BeagleBone by using Robert Nelson's guide:
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Ruslan on 21 Mar 2013
Edited: Ruslan on 21 Mar 2013
Did you format SD card with Matlab special image for Beagleboard? I typed the command "targetinstaller" in Matlab window, then the dialog box appeared and I downloaded support package for beagleboard xm, reformatted the SD card with offered image and then the dialog box asked me to connect to the device through COM port. But beaglebone does not have this one! I put SD to the board and connected it to USB of my PC. Then Windows found some virtual COM port and installed drivers for it. But when I pointed to that port and clicked Next, dialog box reported a mistake that "can't recognize the device" or "Can't connect to the device" or something similar. So I don't know what to do next. How to prepare device to work with Matlab? Help me please.

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Stefan on 26 Jul 2013
Similar Question
I intend to try your method of installing Ubuntu on the BeagleBone, installing the required packages, and working from there in order to use the board support package with the BeagleBone. I am hoping someone can provide a little more input a to the best way to connect/ transfer code to the BeagleBone. Do you simply compile your code and transfer that to the BeagleBone through scp or any other method then run it there? and is there any simple way of using the GPIO pins of the BeagleBone when developing with the BeagleBoard support package?
Any tips as to how to go about this would be greatly appreciated!

serkant on 23 Jan 2014
Nothing new
I have a beaglebone black . I use computer vision and image processing toolboxes for my project. I have completed my matlab codes/functions.
But I dont know how to use matlab on beaglebone black .
I also try to generate c code by using matlab coder but very most of functions that I use are not supported by MATLAB Coder. Please help me if there is a way to solve it
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semih unaldi
semih unaldi on 10 Mar 2014
Yok dedik ya kardesim, her yerden cikiyorsun.

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