Integrating C++ Code in MATLAB

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ha ha
ha ha on 22 Oct 2018
Edited: rolf harkes on 21 Dec 2018
How can I integrate C++ in Matlab?
Let's say, I wanna run the example "fdbscan_example.m" in Matlab. But, I need to Call the functions kdtree_build.m and kdtree_ball_query.m from the kd-trees (written in C++ language). How can i do that?
ha ha
ha ha on 22 Oct 2018
so, you mean: there are not exist of "stl_heap.h" file in the folder. Thus, I can't run the code "fdbscan_example.m" ?
rolf harkes
rolf harkes on 21 Dec 2018
Edited: rolf harkes on 21 Dec 2018
The error message explains that it cannot find kdtree_build.cpp.
This file is in \kdtree-master\toolbox. So is the file kdtree_compile.m. If you run that it will compile everything. But compiling is probably not needed. If you look in that folder it already contains the compiled kdtree_build.mexw64.
The problem with the code in your screenshot is most likely that line 14 cannot execute since fdbscan cannot locate kdtree_build. Very similar to why it cannot compile. You must include that path using addpath('\kdtree-master\toolbox').
@Walter Robertson: The code from compiles just fine on my system. No problems with heaps.

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