How do I extract value from a Cell array to text file or CSV file?

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I have a figure with some exact(detected) point. See the figure.
I want to find the X-Level value and Y-Level value of the detected points. I found the code on this website. It works also good. The code is given below:
ax = gca;
obj_with_xd = findobj(ax, '-property', 'XData');
obj_with_right_markers = findobj(obj_with_xd, 'Marker', 'v', '-or', 'Marker', 'o', '-or', 'Marker', 's');
the_xd_cell = get(obj_with_right_markers', 'XData');
if ~iscell(the_xd_cell); the_xd_cell = {the_xd_cell}; end
the_yd_cell = get(obj_with_right_markers, 'YData');
if ~iscell(the_yd_cell); the_yd_cell = {the_yd_cell}; end
From this code, I want to extract the the_xd_cell and the_yd_cell Cell Array value in a text file or CSV file in that way like such that, R1: X-level: 42, Y-level: 0.908 again R2: X-level: 137, Y-level: 0.854 and so on for all detected point of RQS (Q1, Q2...).. How can I do that?
I also attached 2 screenshots for your easiness. The the_xd_cell cell is given below:
Some value of the_xd_cell is given below:
Help to solve this problem.
@Akib how did you detect the starting and ending and peak of the pulses accurately? what algorithm did you use?

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Accepted Answer

madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 25 Oct 2018
Edited: madhan ravi on 25 Oct 2018
dlmwrite('sample.txt',the_xd_cell1,'delimiter',' ')
dlmwrite('sample.txt',the_xd_cell2,'delimiter',' ','-append')
dlmwrite('sample.txt',the_xd_cell3,'delimiter',' ','-append')
Akib Rahman
Akib Rahman on 26 Oct 2018
@Ravi, Hello, if you take a look at the first figure the_xd_cell is 3 * 1 cell. So when I run first time (guess cell 1 contains the data of square type object) but when I run the second time (cell 1 contains circle type object data). That's mean cell number is changing for different object type when I run the program second or more time.
How can I do the cell number constant (Like that cell 1 is always for square type object and cell 2 is always circle type object)

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KSSV on 25 Oct 2018
C{1} = rand(1,26) ;
C{2} = rand(1,25) ;
C{3} = rand(1,26) ;
A = cell2mat(C)' ;
save 'data.txt' A -ascii
KSSV on 25 Oct 2018
They ate not load it back into MATLAB using load and is a format display that's it. Else you can use fprintf to save by specifying the format.

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