Data logging from simulink. It only stores a few values

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Hi, I am quite new in Matlab and I´m stuck in the following problem; I am trying to save to a varible a set of point (ones and zeros) acquired via the digital input of a data acquisition board (Advantech pci 1711) in simulink. After the simulation I check the data stored in the variable and I find the it has only saved the last few point of the simulation. Also I placed a scope block with data logging enabled and I get the same situation. The time step is set to 0.0005 sec in the digital input block and the scope block. The option of data logging in the configuration parameters dialog box is checked but in the workspace I don´t see the variables checked in the dialog box.
Thank a lot in advance.

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Albert Yam
Albert Yam on 5 Jul 2012
For only recording the last few points, did you change the option for 'Limit data points to last XX'? With your time step size, you may need to record a lot of values.
I would suggest using 'To Workspace' blocks or Signal logging, rather than using a Scope block. (But I'm using an old version.)
ayam mohsen
ayam mohsen on 21 Apr 2013
hello,i need to know the version of matlab that you are using with pci-1711 ,please help me

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