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How can I convert tables to array, given that these tables contain variables with similar variable names?

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Mohammed Ibra
Mohammed Ibra on 6 Dec 2018
Answered: jonas on 6 Dec 2018
I have tables that contain variables (columns) with the same names across all variables in these tables: VarName1, VarName2, ... VarName(N)
When I try to add these tables to a single array table (using "table2array" or "horzcat") I get this error message: "Duplicate variable name: 'VarName1' ".
How can I use this function to combine these tables into a single array without having to change all the variable names?
I couldn't find a clear answer.


Guillaume on 6 Dec 2018
More important than the tables is a better description of the steps that lead to the error and the exact error. Also, a better explanation of what you're trying to do.
table2array does not care one bit about the variable names since it gets rid of that information. It is never going to raise the error message "Duplicate variable name: 'VarName1' ".

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jonas on 6 Dec 2018
It is unclear if you want to output an array or a table, but the nature of the error message suggests that you're trying to combine multiple tables into one, in which case you can use:
This relabels the column names to avoid duplicates.


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