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How can I control the speed of a brushed DC motor using PWM and PID?

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Daniel Cortez
Daniel Cortez on 13 Dec 2018
Attached is the simulink model I have created for an assignment. For the assignment, we are tasked with using PWM and a control strategy (e.g. PID controller) to the maintain the speed of the DC motor at 50 RPM. The motor experiences a disturbance torque that I have listed under the Step Function Load Torque: intially its value is 20e-03 N.m and at 30 seconds, it changes to 60e-03 N.m. The voltage requirement also should not exceed 12 Volts so I used a value of 10 for a test value. My values of L, R, k, ke, J, and B are used from a quiz I had recently taken and are arbritary and can be changed. Is this a good start to solving the problem i.e did I set up the model appropriately to solve the problem? Also can someone please explain the use of the PWM generator in speed control?
Thank you for any help!

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