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superimpose two or more plots

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Vincent I
Vincent I on 13 Jul 2012
Hi, i am able to impose two plots at the moment using the code bellow however when I remove the axis for the second plot the second plot line matches the axes of the first plot. Is there a way to keep the second h=plot(hover,x,y) the way it is onto the first plot after removing the axes?
i've tried hold on, axis([Pmin Pmax -inf inf]) but nothing worked. any ideas? thank you
h_ax(1) = axes('parent',hObject,...
'position',[xpos+.009, cpos(2), cpos(3) *.00066, cpos(4)],...
'Tag','Top', 'NextPlot', 'add');
hplt = plot(h_ax,x,y);
hover = axes('parent',hObject,...
'position',[cpos(1), cpos(2) cpos(3) cpos(4)],'Layer','top',...

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