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error removing subplot listeners manager

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Jim Hokanson
Jim Hokanson on 18 Dec 2018
Edited: Jim Hokanson on 18 Dec 2018
After plotting some subplots I start to move around the axes (change position values). Normally this works fine but I'm running into an error with an invalid or deleted object in the function
The first part of the code fails at the delete command:
% Create subplot listeners to align plot boxes automatically
if isappdata(ax, 'SubplotDeleteListenersManager')
temp = getappdata(ax, 'SubplotDeleteListenersManager');
delete(temp.SubplotDeleteListener); %<= this is failing ...
rmappdata(ax, 'SubplotDeleteListenersManager');
What is this and why is it causing a problem?
Edit: I tried calling this code manually before the code that had been triggering it and it still fails. Seems like some sort of race condition or that rmappdata is not working as expected ...

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