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Open exe file with Docker

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Kevin Chng
Kevin Chng on 7 Jan 2019
Edited: Kevin Chng on 7 Jan 2019
Hi All,
I'm try to install mcr in docker so that I could run different mcr in my pc.
FIrst I build my docker file :
# Line 1: Use dotnet-framework base image
FROM microsoft/dotnet-framework
# Line 2: Download MCR installer (self-extracting executable) and save as ZIP file
ADD C:\\
# Line 3: Use PowerShell
SHELL ["powershell", "-Command", "$ErrorActionPreference = 'Stop'; $ProgressPreference = 'SilentlyContinue';"]
# Line 4: Unpack ZIP contents to installation folder
RUN Expand-Archive C:\\ -DestinationPath C:\\MCR_INSTALLER
# Line 5: Run the setup command for a non-interactive installation of MCR
RUN Start-Process C:\MCR_INSTALLER\bin\win64\setup.exe -ArgumentList '-mode silent', '-agreeToLicense yes' -Wait
# Line 6: Remove ZIP and installation folder after setup is complete
RUN Remove-Item -Force -Recurse C:\\MCR_INSTALLER, C:\\
After that, I build my docker image [PowerShell]
docker build -t testing -f ./DockerFile.txt .
Then, after that I run the exe file (in GUI), however, there is an error.
docker run testing myapplication.exe
I'm new to docker, anyone can help me?

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Kevin Chng
Kevin Chng on 7 Jan 2019
I guess my docker image does not include java dependencies. It might be the problem. However, i'm not sure.

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