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Online Parameter Estimation of Plant model

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Luke on 18 Jan 2019
Answered: David Fink on 21 Jan 2019
I have Simulink Model of my Plant. I have measured input signals in total five signals which I gave input to the Model and model gives one output. Now I am doing parameter estimation of the model of my plant based on model output and measured output (already have output signal from sensor) using trust region algorithm of non linear least square method.
This part has been succesfully done and now I want to do same thing but now this time is online parameter estimation of model. it means, I am getting input signals data at every 100ms from other software in to matlab workspace and based on current measured data, I want to write an algorithm which compare the output signal from model and measured signal in real time.
any suggestion on online parameter estimation method?

Answers (1)

David Fink
David Fink on 21 Jan 2019
The System Identification Toolbox has command-line and Simulink functionality for Online Parameter Estimation:
This page lists some built-in alogorithms to serve that purpose.
If there is an algorithm you're looking for that isn't there, please let us know via MathWorks Technical Support.

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