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How do we get the value of membership grades for each input?

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Hi and Good Day all,
I need your help in the following:
When we evaluate a set of input, either using evalfis function or through the FIS Editor menu of View->Rules, how do we get the input's membership grades for each inputhow do we get the input's membership grades for each input membership functions that we have? Let say I have 5 input membership functions ie. Very Good, Good, Moderate, Poor and Very Poor. So how do I get the grades for all of these 5 MF for the input (x). The evalfis and View->Rules menu only display the output results. What I expected to see is:
Very Good (x)= 0.1
Good (x)= 0.1
Moderate (x)= 0.7
Poor(x)= 0.1
Very Poor (x)= 0,
So the output I am looking for is like; out= [0.1 0.1 0.7 .0.1 0]
I really hope to get some help from the group. Thank you very much in advance for your time and concern.

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