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Why doesn't Matlab simplify units to Ohms..

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Ashley Imhoff
Ashley Imhoff on 13 Feb 2019
Answered: Aiswarya on 28 Feb 2024
u = symunit;
u0 = (4*pi()*1E-7)*(u.H/u.m);
e0 = 8.854187817*(1e-12)*u.F/u.m;
er = 1;
ur = 1.0;
Z = sqrt(u0/e0);
Zo = unitConvert(Z,'SI','Derived');
Zo = simplify(expand(Z));
Zo = vpa(Zo,5) %The Units should be Ohms

Answers (1)

Aiswarya on 28 Feb 2024
I understand that you are trying to simplify and convert your variable "Zo" to Ohms. The issue is that the function "unitConvert" does not simplify square roots, but only takes care of the units inside of them. You can resolve the issue by referring to the following modified code:
Z = sqrt(u0/e0);
% Convert to SI units and then simplify
Zo = unitConvert(Z, 'SI');
Zo = simplify(expand(Zo));
Zo = unitConvert(Zo, 'SI', 'Derived'); % Using 'Derived' resolves the units to 'Ohm'
Zo = vpa(Zo,5);
You can observe that the unit of "Zo" is "Ohms".


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