DL + GPU Coder: Code generation for SequenceInputLayer is not supported.

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Hello guys,
I have a DL model I'd like to use to import to Simulink, with the help of the GPU coder. Is a simple function, and my model is uploaded in this message. The error I get when I try to run the "Check for Issues" option in the GPU Coder app from Matlab, is the following:
??? Error generating code for network n_0. Code generation for SequenceInputLayer SequenceInputLayer is not supported.
The function is the following:
function out=modelPred(data)
out(1,:)=predict(model, data);
The full error log looks like this, see the screenshot:
Do you know any way in which I can solve this issue? Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Feb 2019
on Windows you need to install Visual Studio 2013 Professional or 2015 Professional or 2017 (any edition) and then use mex -setup to configure .
Hariprasad Ravishankar
Hariprasad Ravishankar on 11 Oct 2019
In addition, GPU Coder added support for Sequence Input and LSTM Layers in R2019b.
Please use a supported compiler and R2019b to generate code for LSTM networks using CuDNN target
Supported compilers:

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