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Clustered 3D scatterplot with kmeans

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Mehmet Volkan Ozdogan
Mehmet Volkan Ozdogan on 22 Mar 2019
I have a set of xyz,
and i want to plot the scatterplot of 3D data with clustering and then i want to find the mean of each clustered data by k-means
I wrote the code below but it is not working. it is for 150 cluster. What will be the problem. I think the problem is about "scatter3(xyz(:,1),xyz(:,2),xyz(:,3), idx,'bgm')"
Thank you
x=xlsread('kesit3D.xlsx', 'A:A');
y=xlsread('kesit3D.xlsx', 'B:B');
z=xlsread('kesit3D.xlsx', 'C:C');
xyz=[x y z];
[idx,C] = kmeans(xyz,150);
scatter3(xyz(:,1),xyz(:,2),xyz(:,3), idx,'bgm')
hold on


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