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Calculating slope of the log of the dataset

Asked by MatLab Code N on 27 Mar 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Star Strider
on 27 Mar 2019
I want to calculate the slope of the log of the given dataset. I have provided the excel data file for which I need to find the slope of the log values. I have done the computation in the attached excel sheet. I need to replicate the same in matlab


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Answer by Star Strider
on 27 Mar 2019
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Please be more specific.
Your entire Excel file consists of:
NaN NaN NaN 370 450 550
2 3 4 -1.7472 NaN NaN
1 2 4 -3.4969 NaN NaN
This does not lend itself to any calculations.


My pleasure.
I can only help with the data I have, and I do not even know the structure of those files so I cannot generalise my code for them.
You might find the polyfit (link) and related functions useful.
I will delete my Answer in a few minutes, since it apparently did not solve your larger problem.
This answer was helpful. I could edit it to serve my purpose.
My pleasure.
If my Answer helped you solve your problem, please Accept it!

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