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Saving and switching workspaces and contexts

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John Johnson
John Johnson on 7 Apr 2019
Answered: Doug Mercer on 12 Apr 2019
I have a few projects that I use MATLAB for. I would like to have a way to change the environment for each of those projects. For instance, if I’m working on EEG, I would like MATLAB to change to the appropriate folder, open the source code I had open the last time I worked on EEG, etc. When I switch to kinematics, the same scenario: change directory, open source files. (Restoring workspace variables would be a plus, but not required.)
Are there any built-in or add-on ways to do this? (I’m using macOS, if that’s a factor.)

Accepted Answer

Doug Mercer
Doug Mercer on 12 Apr 2019
You could write script(s) to switch to a particular workspace.
You'd want to put the scripts in a folder that is always on your path (for example Documents/MATLAB).
A script might look like
function switchToEeg()
% Save your current workspace to your current working directory
evalin('base', 'save last.mat');
% Reset path to default
% Change your working directory to the folder with eeg stuff
% If you have a previous workspace here, open it
if exist('last.mat', 'file') == 2
load last.mat
% Add files you might want to call to your MATLAB path
% You can use genpath if it makes sense or write out files/folders explicitly
% Open the files you want to routinely edit
edit filename.m
% alternatively, if you want to open all m files in the current folder, you could do
files = dir('*.m');
for i = 1:length(files)

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