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Error using the igrfmagn function (collecting the output)

I can’t seem to collect the values produced by the function igrfmagm. The error produced says ‘Error using cell Too many output arguments’. Either by you using cell or zeros the output is the same. The first output is a vector and the rest scaler quantities. The inputs are all scalers. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps!
time = 100;
for i=1:length(time)
[mag_field_vector,hor_intensity,declinatioon,inclination,total_intensity] ...
= igrfmagm(alt(i),lat(i),lon(i),T(i),12)


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 19 Apr 2019
 Accepted Answer

time = 100;
[mag_field_vector, hor_intensity, declinatioon, inclination, total_intensity] = deal(cell(size(time)));
for i = 1:numel(time)
[mag_field_vector{i}, hor_intensity{i}, declinatioon{i}, inclination{i}, total_intensity{i}] ...
= igrfmagm(alt(i), lat(i), lon(i), T(i), 12)
It is not clear why you loop over the elements of time but time does not form an input to your calculation.
It is not obvious that alt, lat, lon, T will all have a number of elements equal to the number of elements in time
By the way, is there any particular reason you used declinatioon instead of declination ?

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Thanks, it works perfectly. Time is T I just forgot to change the last one. Also changed the declination to declination thanks for spotting that out!

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