interp2 ... How does it work?

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martin martin
martin martin on 21 Apr 2019
Commented: Rik on 21 Apr 2019
Hello guys,
I'm looking to find a mathematical basis for explaining the interpolation methods for "linear", "cubic", "nearest", "makima" and "spline" of function interp2. Matworks webside is very brief. I have matrix of numbers for example:
a = rand(4);
Vq = interp2(a,1,'method')
and I want compute only finite values.
Any help?
Best regards
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Rik on 21 Apr 2019
For all methods you mention the result is an array of only finite values. Is your question about that, or do you want to know the interpolation method? Because that isn't really a Matlab question, as the interpolation methods are widely used (hence the short explanation in the doc).

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