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General method to plot data from cell array

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D. Ali
D. Ali on 30 Apr 2019
Edited: D. Ali on 30 Apr 2019
if i have result of data stored in cell array 831x5 and inside the array the main 5 columns of data are 'Index' 'Sample' 'Date' 'Time' 'Aux'
I want to plot sample with time and showing the Aux in the figure as label on resulted figure
I attached origanl file I run from which I extarcetd the needed MCAP samples to cell
the data extracted in cell I I copy in other text file just to show how it looks like which I want to draw
but this data orignally in cell and i want to plot it from cell not from text file attached

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KSSV on 30 Apr 2019
You should better attach the data instead of snap shot as a image.

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