Missing `suptitle` and `writeVideo` functions

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Hello everybody out there using MATLAB,
It seems as I would miss the suptitle and writeVideo functions, but they should be included in the latest MATLAB version (2019a) by default, right?
>> suptitle
Undefined function or variable 'suptitle'.
>> writeVideo
Undefined function or variable 'writeVideo'.
>> which writeVideo
'writeVideo' not found.
>> methods(vid)
Undefined function or variable 'vid'.
How could I make sure my path is set correctly?
Did I forget to load a toolbox?
Which additional diagnostics could I run to pin down the problem?

Accepted Answer

Sreelakshmi S.B
Sreelakshmi S.B on 7 May 2019
'suptitle' is included as part of a demo in the Bioinformatics Toolbox.Make sure you have that toolbox installed and its included in the search path.
As for 'writeVideo', you must call OPEN(OBJ) before calling 'writeVideo'.Executing the commands in the below order will give you access to the help documenattion for writeVideo:
>> v = VideoWriter('myFile','Archival');
>> open(v);
>> help writeVideo
You can go through an example usage of 'writeVideo' by typing:
>> openExample('matlab/WriteImageToMotionJPEG2000FileExample')

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 7 May 2019
If you're using release R2018b or later, use the sgtitle function instead of the suptitle function that is part of the Bioinformatics Toolbox demo.
The writeVideo function is a method of the VideoWriter object. You must call it with a VideoWriter object (that you have opened using open) as its first input, as you can see from the fact that both entries in the Syntax section on its documentation page list two input arguments. If you have not yet created a VideoWriter object in this session, MATLAB may not have loaded the class and its methods into memory which is why the writeVideo method did not appear in the output of which.

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