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Is it possible to get list of Autosar Per-Instance-Memory elements through Simulink Model from command line interface ?

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I want to list down the AR-elements with PIM behavior, available in model generated by ARXML importer. I have to do it for set of components, so I am looking for command line interface for the same.
I have tried below commands
arProps = autosar.api.getAUTOSARProperties(bdroot);
swcName = get(arProps,aswcPaths{1},'Behavior');
swcName = get(arProps,aswcPaths{1},'Behavior');
The PIMList is empty. I have tried other properties like 'Events', 'IRV' those are working correctly. But 'PIM' is not working as expected.
Let me know if I am missing anything in above commands.
Thanks, Shiva
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Shivaputra Narke
Shivaputra Narke on 15 May 2019
Edited: Shivaputra Narke on 17 May 2019
I am using Matlab 2015b, 2017b.
If I add new PIM using add method and then use the above commands, then I can see added PIMs. However, the above command does not show the PIMs available in arxml files.

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Accepted Answer

Shivaputra Narke
Shivaputra Narke on 2 Aug 2019
I have got the list using xml functions.

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