Can I generate code for multiple ROS nodes at once ?

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Hi, Mathworks team.
I'm now making some algorithms in Simulink and generating ROS codes about them to my Linux PC.
But it seems that when I try to generate code for ROS , the code always generated as just one ROS node.
I wonder that I can generate code for many ROS nodes at once. Is there any specific way in Simulink to distinguish between ROS nodes ?
(Now I'm generating codes per every ROS nodes, and I want to generate code for them at once.)

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Robotics and Autonomous Systems Team
Unfortunately this is not supported workflow yet.
Can you please let us know your exact workflow, under which situations working with multiple ROS nodes from MATLAB/Simulink will be useful to your workflow?
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Jaehyeon Im
Jaehyeon Im on 4 Jul 2019
Thank you for the reply.
My team are developing each node and I wondered that there's a way to generate all ROS Node at once. (e.g. Working with our laptop and when we want to deploy it to the vehicle or the robot, I thought this would be convenient.)
But as you mentioned, we'll work and also generate code per ROS node.
Thanks !

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